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Exfoliate. Oxygenate, Infuse

Harnessing the power of oxygen on problem skin areas of your body can leave your skin detoxified, refreshed and hydrated from head to toe.

The Pixel Er: YAG module provides a highly effective factional ablative laser skin resurfacing treatment using a 2940 nm wavelength. The applicator significantly improves overall skin tone, elasticity and texture, reduces superficial pigmentation and pore size. The treatment mechanism of the pixel Er: Yag 2940 laser promotes accelerated reepithelization allowing for faster healing and tissue regeneration.

The only clinically-proven, virtually painless method of laser hair removal. Gradual heating at a high frequency pulse delivery, with strong cooling, enables an effective, safe and painless treatment for all skin types.


Red Head Model

Fatima Panganiban

"I always feel beautiful after each visit! The place is clean and very relaxing. They always have the newest and latest beauty products and services to try, the good part is, their prices are reasonable. Juvyderm is our go to when my sisters and I want to relax and be pampered. The owner is very nice and friendly! Can’t wait to go back and do my RF micro-needling."

Best in Calgary

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