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Juvy Lim Terbio

The treatments offered in the JuvyDerm Skin Care and Laser Centre have been selected on the basis of years of practice and experience of Juvy Terbio-Madriaga. Juvy Madriaga is a highly qualified professional with a background in nursing. She graduated from Lyceum Northwestern University and successfully passed her nursing board exams.

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"Beautiful Skin Starts here"

Juvy Lim Terbio


Miracle Sabino Rivera

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the treatment at JuvyDerm. I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service and remarkable results! The staff was incredibly professional and attentive, making me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The outcome exceeded my expectations – my treatments look noticeably brighter and smoother. I highly recommend Juvyderm for anyone seeking effective and reliable laser treatments. Thank you for the fantastic experience!"

Ian Chu

"This is my 3rd visit to the clinic and i feel if i could add more than 5 stars i would! Doc Juvy and the staff always feel like family and they take care of me as such! They provide great attention to detail to help improve my skins needs since my first consulation to treatments to follow ups and honestly have gone beyond to provide good service. I always look forward to coming here and again highly recommend their services if you have certain skin concerns you'd like help with they'll take care of you. Thank you!"

Malaya Punzalan

"It is nice to be back. I have been going to JuvyDerm since their Temple days. Stopped since my clinical depression sucked out my energy and zest for life. But now that I am back here, it helped me have better mood and confident due to the magic in my appearance. I like what I see in the mirror, skin care is not vanity. It is ensuring confidence, drive for life and happiness for the small things. Thank you Ms. Juvy’ for the sharing the expertise and passion for making patients beautifully confident. The friendly staff are a great bonus."

Nichole Pamaran

"JuvyDerm is honestly one of the biggest blessings that has come to my life. I used to have acne issues due to the nature of my profession, which made me experiment on different types of skin care products. Sadly, none of them achieved the result I wanted to see. One day, someone mentioned to me this clinic. I told myself I might as well seek professional assistance already because of so much frustration. Lo and behold, I gradually saw the changes with every visit I had. I love the OxyGeneo and the microneedling procedures because they make my face rejuvenated and fresh. The products I purchase from her clinic really perform the job of removing my acne. I do not have big clusters of pimples anymore."

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Are consulations free of charge?

Yes, consultations are free of charge. Feel free to schedule one to discuss your skincare needs and find the best treatment for you! 

What is the downtime on the treatments? How many Treatments will I need for the most optimal results?

To provide you with the most accurate information regarding the downtime and treatment sessions required for each treatment, it’s best to schedule a consultation or a quick phone call. This way, we can discuss your specific needs and skin type to give you personalized advice.

For a general overview of  the downtime and the optimal amount of session required, click below.

How much are the treatments?

For detailed information on the cost of our treatments, feel free to check our Facebook page, or you can text or call us directly. We’re happy to provide all the information you need!

How long will the results last

The duration of results can vary depending on the specific treatment and individual skin type. To get the most accurate information tailored to your needs, it’s best to schedule a consultation or give us a quick text or phone call. We’re here to help you achieve the best results! 


At Juvyderm, we offer Medicard and Sezzle financing options to help you make your dreams a reality. Why delay when you can invest in yourself today? Contact us to learn more or visit and

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